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Financial Reporting


Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)

PPA plays an important role in a merger and acquisition transaction under the requirement in HKFRS/IFRS 3. Basically, it allocates the value of the purchase consideration among various tangible and intangible assets with respect to the transaction. We are capable to support you across the whole process, as valuers from Masterpiece are well equipped with extensive knowledge, as well as the excellent intrinsic valuation skills.

Consideration = Goodwill + Tangible + Intangible

Tangible Assets:
- Property
- Plants
- Equipment
Intangible Assets:
- Customer Relationships
- Patents
- Trademarks
- Concession Right



In order to fulfill HKAS/IAS 36 and ASC 350, 360 - 10, impairment assessment is required to perform annually. Masterpiece is experienced in carrying out impairment tests. We could work with you altogether, handle any changes in volatile economic environment, the frequent updates and amendments on the standards and regulations.


Expertise from Masterpiece will follow a comprehensive procedure to review and measure the amount of specific asset(s), in comply with the accounting standard. We are welcome to discuss with you for impairment tests on goodwill, intangible asset, tangible asset and right of use assets.


FI  (e.g. Convertible Bonds, Share Options, Preferred Shares, Derivatives)

Due to the diversification and complexity of financial instruments in the capital market, it is of utmost importance to the latest financial standards. With prior experiences in valuing alternative instruments using different approaches, our finance and accounting expertise are delight and confident to provide you valuation services on:

Convertible Bonds and Notes, Preference Shares,
Employee Share Options or Warrants,
Embedded Derivatives,
Interest Rate or Currency Derivatives,
Equity-linked Notes,
Interest Rate Swaps and
Credit Default Derivativess, etc


Fair Value in Investment

To create an agreed fair value for different parties regarding the same asset has always been intricate, since judgement and interpretation can vary. Meanwhile, the accurate financial statements could provide external and internal users the data they need to make critical business and investment decisions, as such it states the importance here.

With our team's background in fair value accounting, we support clients with valuation matters, meanwhile also suggest the applicable strategy and solutions in accordance.


Expected Credit Loss (ECL)

Under HKFRS 9/IFRS 9, companies are now required to perform expected credit lossess assessment for their financial assets. While many companies are still struggling in how to achieve the requirement to consider forward looking information for ECL, Masterpiece is eligible to deliever such a valuation service.


We are delighted to work through the process with you, and to combat the every challenge in the new standard.


Incremental Borrowing Rate and Right of Use Assets

Masterpiece has been helping our clients for smooth application and compliance of treatment according to the requirements of HKFRS 16. Partically in a situation conerninging leasing, incremental borrowing rate are essential for the determination of a lessee's lease liability and Right-of-Use Assets in a lease.


We are pleased to help you navigate the difficulties by providing our quality consultancy services.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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Service Name

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Intangible Valuation

Given the necessity for intellectual property transactions and financial reporting, valuation of intangible assets has always been one of the core services of Masterpiece. With our experience and professionalism, we specialize in offering valuation services, including but not limited to:

- Customer Relationships
- Brand name
- Trademarks
- Patents
- Franchises
- Copyrights
- Intellectual Properties

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Property Valuation

Our profession in surveying could provide reliable property valuation services for various purposes, including M&A transactions, Financial Reporting, Stock Exchange Listing Rules Compliance, Tax Planning, Internal Reference and loan.


Plant and Machinery Valuation

As the foundation of a business' operation, plant and machinery is pivotal in generating revenue of the firm. Valuation of this type of asset can be involved in annual financial reporting, Purchase Price Allocation, purchase and disposal of assets, leasing.

Our team is formed by experienced and qualified professionals and valuers who can help our clients to calculate a fair value for plant and machinery with the use of comprehensive methodologies and modelings.

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