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M&A and IPO


Notifiable transaction

The requirements of notifiable transactions are stated clearly in Ch. 14 HKEX listing rules.


With our prior experience in dealing with this set of rules, we will provide advisory services regarding Reverse takeover VSA, VSD, Major and Disclosable transaction.


Related Party Transaction

Under Ch. 14A HKEX listing rules, Related party transactions required disclosure and shareholders’ approval. These transaction often involve complexity in dealing with the value of an asset, or business.


As your valuer, we will provide the most appropriate valuation solution in consideration determination and fulfilling compliance requirement.


Property interest for IPO and Circular

Under HKEX Listing Rules Chapter 5 (Main Board)/ Chapter 8 (GEM Board), disclosure of property interests is required for issuers and applicants under specific circumstances. Thus, a reviewed valuation report must be prepared, in order to prove the relevant information is properly compiled and derived.

Our experienced team, with international recognized qualifications and extensive property experience, provide this valuation service for IPO and circular purpose to adhere to the requirements of HKEX.

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