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Project Incubation


Equity Valuation

In the evolving financial market, it is essential for businesses to identify the intrinsic value and understand their value drivers, so as to the corresponding investment decisions.

Our expert team is consisted of various qualified expertise, who have achieved designation of CFA, CPA, FRM and so on. We can provide valuation services to your business in markets of different regions or sectors, by leveraging our mindset and skills.


Business Plan Sensitivity

Features of start-up, relatively small businesses include limited history of activities and uncertainties in future ability to generate cash flow, which make the valuation task much more challenging and complicated.

With thorough understandings from previous experiences, our team could identify the applicable model and approach to your case. We could offer valuation sensitivity services to your business,  with recently established business or even the one that is still at the preliminary stage. Assist you to better analyse your business plan.

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